What Is the Average Settlement for Car Accident Claims in Las Vegas?

A car wreck can instantly derail your life, putting your plans on hold as you grapple with mounting medical bills, health complications, and debilitating limitations stemming from your injuries. Thankfully, a personal injury settlement can give you the funds you need to weather this storm of unexpected challenges.

Understandably, you’re probably wondering what type of payout your case might yield. However, the average settlement for a car accident can vary dramatically from one claim to the next. Some cases result in six- or seven-figure financial awards, and others in just a few thousand dollars.

Ultimately, the amount you might receive can depend on a variety of different factors. In this article, we look at a few elements that might affect the value of your claim:

How Serious Are Your Injuries?

If you only suffered a few scrapes, cuts, and bruises, it’s unlikely that the insurer will approve your claim. In most cases, you will need to show that you require medical care, so the seriousness of your condition will almost always have a profound effect on the settlement amount.

The severity of your injuries won’t just impact your healthcare costs. Still, more severe conditions could result in you missing work, requiring ongoing replacement services, and experiencing more significant pain and suffering. These represent just some of the many types of damages available to car accident victims.

Were You Unable to Work?

Whether you had to book time off work because you were stuck in the hospital or your injuries have left you unable to do your job, you might be able to seek compensation for the wages you lost due to the accident. A catastrophic injury could also affect your ability to earn a living down the line, so it’s important to factor in future lost income and diminished earning potential when you’re assessing your damages.

Did You Suffer Psychologically?

Some injuries can lead to considerable agony, robbing you of the ability to enjoy your everyday life. Fortunately, you may be able to recover compensation for the psychological impact of your condition.

However, as there are no receipts for emotional distress or invoices for pain, you will need to provide many different types of evidence to give others a window into how you have suffered since the accident. Such proof might include personal injury journal entries, psychiatric assessments, and testimony from friends, family members, and/or colleagues.

Discuss Your Case with a Las Vegas Car Accident Attorney Today

Overlooking certain damages could leave you with a settlement that needs to cover the full range of expenses stemming from a wreck. As such, it may be wise to reach out to a personal injury attorney with the knowledge and experience to ensure all your losses are accounted for.

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