We live in a pandemic-touched world. Even in hard times, however, Las Vegas remains strong. Our community always comes together to do what we need to support one another, and Maier Gutierrez & Associates is proud to call Vegas home.
However, some members of the community have gone above and beyond in their line of duty. Nurses who risk their health every day, teachers drastically changing their teaching methods for their students, grocery store clerks spending hours bagging food for the immunocompromised. We see these heroes shining lights in tough times; no matter how small the task, their actions have meant so much to so many.
We’re sure you know someone who has put time and effort into keeping this community together through hard times, so we here at MGA Law want to recognize those people for who they are —our Las Vegas Unsung Heroes!

Unsung Heroes Gallery


Dr. Christine Estrada is a Hospice and Palliative Medicine physician at MountainView Hospital in Las Vegas. and has been helping families cope with difficult times for almost 16 years yet says making these times easier allows her to feel like she’s done her job well. We know having someone as caring and thoughtful as Christine here in Las Vegas is a significant asset for our community.


Ashley is a 9th grade English teacher at Valley High School. A fellow teacher nominated her because of her commitment to her class and the educational community at large. Ashley always goes the extra mile when it comes to helping underserved kids receive the best education they can and has done so even through the last few challenging years.


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