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When you leave your aging or ailing relative in the hands of a nursing care facility, you do so expecting that staff will take care of your loved one’s needs, providing a safe and comfortable environment from the first day until their last. However, whether it’s due to poor training, staff shortages, lack of leadership, cost cutting, or malicious intent, some facilities can become terrifying places. This is where a Las Vegas nursing home abuse lawyer can help.

If you believe your loved one has experienced abuse or neglect at their nursing care home, turn to the attorneys at Maier Gutierrez & Associates. We have a proven track record of success, helping recover millions of dollars for personal injury victims throughout Nevada.

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What Evidence Can Help My Nursing Home Abuse and Negligence Lawyer?

While you may be certain that your loved one is suffering abuse at the hands of the facility’s staff, you will not be able to obtain compensation without gathering sufficient proof to demonstrate that the nursing home’s staff were abusive or negligent. Let’s look at a few types of evidence that could help you prove liability:

  • Medical Records: If your relative has suffered abuse at the hands of staff at a nursing home, his or her medical records can demonstrate the types of injuries they have sustained. For instance, if staff have been physically abusive, records detailing a series of bruises, sprains, and other types of similar injuries can be strong evidence to support your claim. Alternatively, if your relative shows signs of being malnourished, their healthcare provider will usually note down these symptoms in their medical records.
  • Photographs: Pictures of your relative’s injuries, clothing, and their physical surroundings can help demonstrate the abuse they have suffered. Make sure to record the time and date of such images and stash them in a safe place.
  • Video Footage: If you or your loved one was able to record footage of the abuse or neglect, such videos could help prove liability. Make sure to save these files onto a backup hard drive or cloud server so that they are kept safe. Your attorney may want to review these recordings during your first meeting.
  • Eyewitness Testimony: Other residents, staff members, maintenance contractors, and visitors at the care facility may be able to provide insight into the abuse your relative has endured at the nursing home. As such, you should write down the names and contact information of any eyewitnesses to share with your Las Vegas nursing home abuse attorney. Your lawyer may want to follow up with eyewitnesses to determine whether their testimony could help corroborate your version of events.
  • Nursing Home Documentation: The facility will likely have their own records to document injuries, complaints, and who was working at the time your relative was abused or neglected. If the nursing home is withholding these logs, your nursing home negligence lawyer can apply the necessary legal pressure to obtain such records.
  • Your Personal Account: If you haven’t begun to do so already, you should start making notes of your relative’s condition every time you visit the facility. Additionally, you should write summaries of conversations you’ve had with staff, obtain copies of any written complaints you’ve sent to the home, record other family members’ observations, and describe the incidents that you believe led to your relative’s injuries or condition.

How Can a Nursing Home Negligence Attorney Assist with My Case?

If you’re planning to file a nursing home abuse or negligence lawsuit, you’re probably considering hiring a personal injury attorney to help you build your case. While there’s no shortage of lawyers eager to handle your claim, not all attorneys in Las Vegas are equipped to give your case the attention it deserves.

At Maier Gutierrez & Associates, our legal team has decades of combined experience overseeing personal injury claims and nursing home abuse cases. Through the years we’ve forged strong connections with local experts and have built up the knowledge necessary to succeed in even the most complex cases.

Let’s look at a few ways our attorneys might be able to help with your case:

  • Investigate the Abuse or Neglect: Building a strong nursing home abuse claim can be a time-consuming and complex undertaking. You will need to gather strong evidence to show that the facility breached the duty of care owed to your loved one and demonstrate the damages your relative has incurred. Our attorneys can help investigate what happened, compiling the necessary proof to build a convincing case.
  • Approximate a Fair Settlement: Before agreeing to a settlement offer, you will want to get a clear idea of what your case might be worth. Accepting an amount that doesn’t account for some of your loved one’s damages could leave you on the hook for the remaining amount. Our attorneys can work with your relative’s healthcare providers and other expert witnesses to approximate a number that accounts for the full extent of your relative’s losses.
  • Guide You Through Proceedings: Whether it’s handling correspondence with the insurance company or litigating your case, we are here to help you navigate the challenging days ahead. We can also advise you of common mistakes you should avoid that might otherwise hurt your chances of achieving a successful outcome.
  • Litigate Your Case: While few nursing home abuse cases go to court, there’s always a chance your claim might proceed to trial. Fortunately, if it’s in your best interests to take this next step, our seasoned trial attorneys are ready to provide tenacious representation from the first day until the final verdict.

Discuss Your Situation with a Nursing Home Abuse Attorney in Las Vegas

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