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A steady income is crucial to living a healthy, comfortable, and ultimately happy life. However, if you suffered an injury at work, you may have already watched those vital paychecks disappear overnight, leaving you with no way to pay off your mounting medical debts and other everyday expenses. This is where a Las Vegas workers compensation lawyer can help.

If you can prove that you were injured on the job, you may be able to recover compensation for many of the losses you’ve incurred since the accident. At Maier Gutierrez & Associates, we collaborate with some of the best workers compensation attorneys in Nevada. To schedule a consultation, dial 702-629-7900 to connect with a member of our legal team.

Mistakes Our Workers Comp Lawyers Can Help You Avoid

Getting injured on the job can leave you sinking under a growing list of expenses. Obtaining a financial award for your injuries can help alleviate this immense burden, giving you the funds you need to pick up the pieces and move on with your life.

However, while it may seem like you have a clear-cut case to receive workers’ compensation benefits, a successful outcome is never set in stone. Any mistakes you make after suffering your injuries could leave the door wide open to disputes, potentially costing you the compensation you need to get back on track.

Let’s look at a few mistakes you should avoid after a workplace accident:

  • You Didn’t Seek Medical Treatment within a Reasonable Timeframe: There are many different reasons why workers fail to seek immediate treatment after a workplace accident. For instance, their injuries may not have seemed to be very serious, or they didn’t feel like they had the spare time to take a trip to the hospital. However, failing to get a diagnosis could leave you on the back foot if you’re planning to file for workers’ comp. Your employer and their insurer, for instance, might argue that had you visited the doctor immediately after the accident, many of your health complications could’ve been avoided. Alternatively, they might assert that your injuries can’t be as serious as you are claiming as you didn’t require urgent care.
  • You Failed to Follow Your Healthcare Provider’s Orders: Getting a diagnosis is just the first step in fulfilling your duty to mitigate damages. You will also need to ensure that you follow your doctor’s orders closely as any signs that you deviated from your treatment plan could result in issues during proceedings. For example, if you returned to work despite your healthcare provider ordering you to take time off, the insurance company might argue that your actions aggravated your injuries. In such situations, you might not receive benefits for some of your losses.
  • You Didn’t Report the Accident to Your Employer: After a serious workplace accident, it’s only normal to feel completely overwhelmed. However, while you may want to focus on your health, there are a few important steps you can’t ignore. Most importantly, you will need to notify your employer that you were injured on the job. This will ensure that you have access to records showing that you were hurt while on the clock.

Will My Workers’ Comp Claim Be Denied?

With your financial future likely riding on the success of your claim, filing for compensation can feel like a daunting prospect. Prevailing during proceedings could give you the funds you need to make up for lost income and cover your medical bills, but the denial of your claim could leave you in a precarious financial position.

As such, you’re probably wondering whether the insurer will deny your claim. While, to you it might seem clear that you’re entitled to a financial award, the insurer might dig deep to find reasons that could be used to dispute your case. Let’s look at a few reasons why your claim might be denied:

  • You Filed Too Late: You need to move quickly after an injury to file a claim for workers’ compensation, including ompiling the necessary documentation. If you miss the deadline to submit these forms, you may lose the opportunity to file for benefits. Late applications are one of the most common reasons insurance companies deny workers’ comp claims. Not only will a delayed submission hurt your credibility, but it could also give the insurer leverage to dispute liability and damages.
  • You Can’t Show You Were Injured on the Job: Once you’ve filed your claim, your employer may argue that you were not on the clock when you suffered your injuries. Alternatively, they might also claim that you were not performing your normal job functions when you were hurt. As such, you will need to provide strong evidence that you were harmed while working. Such evidence could include eyewitness accounts, surveillance camera recordings, medical records, and expert witness deposition.
  • There Are No Eyewitnesses: If your colleagues or a patron cannot confirm that you were injured while at work, you may struggle to obtain compensation. Ultimately, the insurer is looking for any reason to reduce your financial award or deny your claim. If you don’t have access to eyewitnesses to help corroborate your version of events, expert witnesses—such as a medical professional—may be able to confirm that your condition is consistent with injuries suffered by those hurt in similar types of accidents.

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