What Can a Medical Malpractice Attorney Do for Me?

If you were the victim of medical malpractice, it’s only natural to feel overwhelmed and uncertain about your next steps. Discovering that your healthcare providers made a mistake that has led to you dealing with considerable pain, daily challenges, and insurmountable financial struggles is almost always a traumatizing experience.

You may be wondering whether you can hold your healthcare providers accountable for their negligence. This is precisely where a medical malpractice attorney can assess your situation and provide guidance on how to proceed with your case.

In this article, we look at a few ways a lawyer might be able to assist with your claim:

1. Explain Your Legal Options

Once your attorney has a clear understanding of what happened to you, they will provide you with a variety of different options for seeking compensation. They will also advise you on common errors you should avoid during the claims process. For instance, most attorneys warn their clients to lay low on social media as anything shared on these platforms can be used as evidence to dispute your case.

2. Investigate Your Case

An attorney can thoroughly review your medical records, conduct interviews with your healthcare providers, and consult with specialists to determine what happened and whether you have grounds to seek damages. They can also gather the evidence required to support your claims, such as diagnostic test results, videos, photographs, personal injury journal entries, and witness statements.

Additionally, if necessary, they can reach out to various expert witnesses who can assist with your case. For instance, a vocational expert may be able to provide insight into how your injuries will prevent you from being able to do your job.

3. Oversee Negotiations with the Insurer

Most healthcare providers retain experienced legal teams to help negotiate claims. As such, going up against a doctor or facility on your own could mean the odds are stacked against you. Thankfully, hiring an attorney can help level the playing field, putting someone in your corner who understands how to navigate the claims process and negotiate a fair settlement.

An attorney can represent you throughout proceedings and advocate for you in court if negotiations are unsuccessful and you need to file a lawsuit. They can also oversee all communication with opposing parties, so you won’t have to worry about saying something that might otherwise compromise your case.

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Medical malpractice cases can be incredibly complex, time-consuming, and overwhelming. As such, having a skilled personal injury attorney by your side to help guide you through the days ahead could make all the difference as your case unfolds.

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