4 Mistakes You Should Never Make after a Truck Wreck

The sound of metal crunching against metal, the sudden jolt from the impact, and an adrenaline rush as your mind tries to understand what’s happening. Truck accidents can be harrowing experiences, leaving you hurt, afraid, and completely overwhelmed. However, it’s important to take a deep breath and consider your next steps carefully.

Any mistakes you make in the days following a collision could significantly impact the outcome of your claim. Even minor errors could hand the insurer ammunition to challenge your case, so it’s important always to stay vigilant.

In this article, we discuss a few actions you should avoid if you’re planning to seek compensation:

1. Admitting Fault

In the heat of the moment, it’s easy to say something could hurt your case. While some errors can be remedied with solid evidence, admitting responsibility for causing the wreck to the other motorist or their insurer is a serious misstep that could spell disaster for your claim.

Even if it seems clear that you were at fault for the collision, you should keep your lips sealed. It is possible that evidence may emerge that you were only partially responsible for causing the crash.

2. Failing to Seek Medical Treatment

Even if your injuries don’t seem very serious, visiting the doctor could be vital to the success of your personal injury claim. After all, if you didn’t require treatment, it’s unlikely that you would be able to pursue damages.

When you undergo a comprehensive medical assessment, you will also start a paper trail of evidence documenting your injuries and helping connect them to the wreck. Once you’ve received a diagnosis, you must make sure to follow your doctor’s orders closely, as any deviations could result in disputes over failure to mitigate damages.

3. Not Gathering Evidence

The success of your claim will likely hinge on the strength of the evidence you’ve collected. As such, you need to use every available opportunity to obtain proof that might help support your version of events.

The accident scene is a potential treasure trove of evidence, with every aspect providing clues as to what happened. It would be best to take pictures of as many aspects as possible, such as the vehicles involved, road markings, and street signs. If anyone saw the accident happen, you should take down their names and contact details. Additionally, it’s possible that someone captured footage of the wreck on their car’s dashcam, so you should take steps to obtain such footage immediately, as these recordings are routinely erased.

4. Posting about the Accident on Social Media

The digital space can be alluring in the wake of a wreck. Not only can you reach out to friends and family for support, but you’ll also have a space to vent your frustrations about this traumatic ordeal. However, discussing the collision online could drastically reduce your chances of obtaining compensation.

Anything you share on social media could be used as evidence to dispute your claim. For instance, your comments could be misrepresented to challenge your credibility. Photos of you at social gatherings just a few days after the incident might be used to assert that your injuries aren’t as severe as you are claiming.

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