Do’s and Don’ts for Taking Action after a Wrongful Death in Las Vegas

Losing a loved one because of someone else’s negligent or reckless actions can be a heart-wrenching experience. While nothing can fill the void left behind in their absence, filing a wrongful death claim can help you hold the at-fault parties accountable for their actions.

However, securing a settlement is never a foregone conclusion, as you may face resistance from opposing parties at every turn. As such, you must take many steps to build a convincing case. In this article, we’ve compiled a few do’s and don’ts to keep in mind during the days ahead:

Do Discuss Your Case with an Attorney

Wrongful death claims can be incredibly complex, so attempting to tackle proceedings on your own is often unwise. Without an in-depth understanding of the claims process, you might make serious mistakes that could cost you a fair settlement.

Fortunately, a skilled attorney can help you navigate Nevada’s legal system and can also step in to handle the logistics of your case, such as investigating the accident, approximating the value of your damages, and taking any other steps that might be required to build a strong claim. However, before hiring a lawyer, you should first find out whether they’ve handled claims like yours and inquire about their track record of success in this area of the law.

Don’t Provide a Recorded Statement to the Insurance Company

The insurer may contact you for a recorded statement in the weeks following your loved one’s death. While they might insist that they want to hear your side of the story, their primary goal is to find any evidence that could be used to reduce how much they have to pay out.

Agreeing to provide a recorded statement before you’ve had a chance to investigate the accident that caused your loved one’s death and/or assess the resulting damages could lead you to say something that later turns out to be inaccurate or untrue. Fortunately, when you hire a lawyer to handle your case, they can oversee all conversations with opposing parties throughout the proceedings.

Do Compile Evidence in a Safe Place

Strong evidence is the foundation of every convincing case, so you should make sure to file away any proof you’ve managed to gather so that it’s ready to share with your lawyer. Examples of evidence that could be useful to your case might include the following:

  • Police accident reports,
  • Surveillance camera recordings,
  • Eyewitness statements,
  • Photographs of the accident scene,
  • Medical records, and
  • Financial documents.

Don’t Discuss Your Loved One’s Death on Social Media

Any information you share online about the accident, your pending claim, social activities, and expenses could be used against you by the insurance company. You can prevent the insurer from viewing your posts by deactivating your profiles for the duration of proceedings.

However, if you cannot take this step, you should at least ramp up your privacy settings to restrict access to only approved friends and followers. Even once you’ve taken this step, you should still avoid discussing any of the topics listed above, as opposing parties may still be able to view your posts via third-party connections.

Discuss Your Case with a Las Vegas Wrongful Death Attorney Today

The steps listed here represent just a few of many you will need to take in your fight for fair compensation. At Maier Gutierrez & Associates, our legal team can help guide you through proceedings, providing tenacious representation and round-the-clock support from the first day until the final verdict. Call us today at 702-629-7900 or drop us a message using our contact form HERE to request a free case review with a Nevada wrongful death attorney.