What You Should Know Before Taking Action after a Truck Accident

If you were seriously injured in a large truck wreck, your financial security could be under threat. From medical expenses to replacement services to vehicle repairs, the costs associated with an accident can add up at an alarming rate. To make matters worse, your injuries may prevent you from doing your job, depriving you of the funds you need to start paying off your mounting debts.

Thankfully, you may be able to recover compensation by filing a claim against the at-fault party/parties. However, before taking action, you should take time to get an understanding of what will happen in the weeks ahead. Ultimately, with your financial future at stake, you don’t want to make any serious mistakes that might compromise your case.

Let’s look at a few things you should know before proceeding with your truck accident claim:

1. The Claims Adjuster Might Monitor Your Social Media Activity

Insurance companies would struggle to profit if they paid out every claim in full, so you should expect them to look for any reason to reduce your settlement. Not only will they comb through evidence from the accident scene, but they may also be keeping tabs on your activity on sites such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

As such, you must be careful about what you post as anything—including pictures, “check-ins,” and reviews—that could be used as evidence to dispute aspects of your claim. Many truck accident attorneys advise their clients to deactivate their accounts for the duration of proceedings. However, if this isn’t possible for you, it’s wise to ramp up your privacy settings to control who has access to your feeds.

2. You Should Wait Until You Reach Maximum Medical Improvement

While you might be eager to get your hands on a settlement, you shouldn’t rush into proceedings and accept the insurance company’s first offer. Until you’ve made a full recovery—or reached the point at which your condition isn’t expected to improve with further treatment—you won’t yet have a clear idea of the full range of costs associated with your treatment.

For instance, you might have to undergo unanticipated procedures, make additional home modifications, or attend extra physical rehabilitation sessions. In most cases, you should always wait until you’ve achieved maximum medical improvement before accepting a settlement offer.

3. There Might Be Multiple Liable Parties

There’s a common misconception that most accidents only involve one at-fault motorist. However, there’s always a chance that more parties play a role. For instance, a parts manufacturer could be held liable if it emerges that a mechanical fault caused the collision. Alternatively, the truck driver’s employer may have failed to maintain the vehicle properly, causing the brakes to go out. In some situations, you may also be held partially liable for the collision if your actions contributed to causing the wreck in any way.

It’s important to name all liable parties that may have contributed to the wreck, as you might otherwise encounter disputes. A skilled personal injury attorney can help investigate the accident on your behalf to identify anyone who played a role.

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