What Should I Bring to My Initial Consultation with a Car Accident Attorney?

If you plan to seek compensation after an accident involving a negligent driver, it might be in your best interests to enlist legal help. A skilled car accident attorney can grab the reins, overseeing the logistics, such as investigating the wreck and providing representation at each step. Ultimately, they aim to help you achieve the best possible outcome for your situation.

Thankfully, most personal injury attorneys will meet with you during a free consultation. As such, you can get the guidance you need without opening your wallet. While you can attend this meeting empty-handed and benefit immensely from discussing your situation with a lawyer, it’s wise to come prepared.

Let’s look at a few items you should share with your attorney during the initial consultation:

1. A Written Account of the Accident

As soon as possible after the wreck, you should take time to write down everything you can remember about what happened. It would be best to try describing as much as possible, as even seemingly minor details could be helpful in your case.

For instance, how was the weather? What did the other driver say after the collision? Did you notice any surveillance cameras near the accident scene? How many first responders assisted at the scene? Your attorney may use your firsthand account to help map out their investigation and identify evidence that could support your claim.

2. Video Footage from the Scene

Whether you managed to obtain surveillance camera recordings and dashcam videos or were able to take photographs of the wreckage, these files could play a crucial role in your claim. Such evidence could help your attorney and/or an accident reconstruction expert piece together what happened, so it’s likely that your lawyer will want to see these images and videos during your first meeting.

3. Medical Records Documenting Your Injuries

If you haven’t yet visited the doctor for a comprehensive medical assessment, you should do so immediately. Your attorney will want to see your medical records to assess the severity of your injuries to determine whether you have grounds to take legal action. In addition to your medical records, you should also bring along any nursing logs, diagnostic images, hospital intake forms, or psychological evaluations you have managed to obtain.

4. Personal Injury Journal Entries

Have you been writing daily entries in a personal injury journal? Provided you have been thorough with your descriptions, these entries can give others a window into how your injuries have affected your quality of life.

For instance, if these documents show that your condition has made it impossible for you to engage in physical activity or enjoy your favorite hobbies, your entries could help you build a case for non-economic damages such as loss of enjoyment in life. Make sure to share your entries with your attorney during the initial consultation.

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