What Are Bodily Injury Liability Limits & How Do They Work?

If you were hurt in a car accident through no fault of your own, you may be planning on filing a personal injury claim. Since Nevada is a “fault state” when it comes to motor-vehicle collisions, those who cause wrecks are usually responsible for the resulting damages, so the law is likely on your side.

Just because you have grounds for a claim, however, doesn’t mean you’ll be able to secure every dollar you deserve. Even if you present irrefutable evidence of both liability and losses, there are a number of factors that can influence the outcome of your claim, including the at-fault driver’s bodily injury liability limits. 

What Are Bodily Injury Liability Limits?

Like most states, Nevada has minimum coverage requirements for all registered vehicles. Motorists are required to purchase at least $25,000 in liability coverage for bodily injury or death for any one person and at least $50,000 in the same coverage for any one accident. 

They must also carry at least $20,000 in property damage for any one accident. Since Nevada is a fault state, these requirements aim to ensure funds will be available for accident victims. 

Liability coverage is considered “third-party” insurance because it doesn’t actually compensate the policyholder. Instead, it compensates those whom the policyholder hurts. Such funds can be used to cover medical bills, lost income, legal fees, pain and suffering, and funeral or burial expenses.

Put another way, you can include all these losses in your claim. Regardless of how much they amount to, however, the total payout will inevitably be capped by the bodily injury liability limits. 

These limits refer to the total amount of coverage the policyholder purchased. If they carry just the minimum requirements, that means you can only seek $25,000 from their insurer. 

How Could Bodily Injury Liability Limits Affect My Car Accident Claim?

Bodily injury liability limits determine how much the at-fault driver’s insurance carrier will pay out. As such, they can influence the trajectory of your claim.

If your losses amount to less than the limit, you should be able to secure everything you need from the carrier. If, on the other hand, your recoverable damages exceed the policyholder’s bodily injury liability limits, you’re going to have to pursue additional avenues of compensation to make up the difference. Such avenues might include suing the at-fault party personally and filing additional third-party claims against other who contributed to the crash. 

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