Social Media Tips for Pedestrian Accident Victims

While motorists are supposed to look out for those on foot, some just aren’t paying enough attention. As such, pedestrians are frequently injured in serious wrecks, leaving their lives forever changed.

If you were hurt in an accident, it’s a natural impulse to want to go onto social media for emotional support or just to vent your frustrations. However, before you type anything, you need to take a minute to think about the potential ramifications of discussing the wreck online.

It’s not unheard of for claims adjusters to keep tabs on accident victims’ social media profiles. Their goal is to find any information that could be used to challenge your credibility, and such evidence isn’t just limited to what you’ve written. For example, even the pictures you upload could be used to dispute aspects of your case.

Many lawyers advise their clients to disable their online profiles while their claims are pending. However, if laying low on social media isn’t possible for you, here are a few actions you should take to make sure you don’t compromise your claim:

1. Reconfigure Your Privacy Settings

If you haven’t taken a look at your privacy settings, there’s a chance your profile is open for the world to see. As such, you should take a second to update these options to limit who can and can’t gain access to your feed. While making these changes can give you an added layer of protection against prying eyes, there are still ways for the insurance adjuster to see what’s on your page. For instance, they may be able to view your posts via third-party connections.

2. Don’t Discuss Your Pending Claim

While you might be eager to share your story, social media isn’t the place to start recounting the harrowing events of the accident. Your comments can be used as evidence to challenge your credibility, so anything you post about the accident could become ammunition in the hands of the insurance company.

Additionally, you should abstain from uploading images for the duration of proceedings. The insurer might be able to use pictures as evidence to dispute liability and damages. For example, if your photos show you jumping from one social event to the next, the insurer might assert that your injuries can’t be as serious as you are claiming.

3. Screen New Connection Requests Carefully

Once you’ve updated your privacy settings, the insurer might attempt to gain access to your profiles by sending you a friend or follow request. As such, if you receive an invitation from someone you don’t recognize, it’s best to ignore or deny it.

4. Skip the “Check Ins”

Facebook makes it easy to broadcast your whereabouts by giving you the option to “check in” whenever you arrive at a new location. While this feature may be a great way to keep friends and family in the loop, if you have a pending claim these regular updates will make it all too easy for the insurer to keep tabs on your whereabouts. Based on your activities, the claims adjuster may be able to use your “check ins” as evidence to challenge your credibility.

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