How to Mitigate Damages after a Truck Accident

Collisions involving large trucks lead to thousands of deaths every year. However, even those who survive these deadly encounters are often straddled with a lifetime of health complications, unbearable agony, trauma, and sky-high medical expenses.

If you were left seriously injured in a truck accident that wasn’t your fault, you may be able to recover compensation for many of the losses you’ve incurred. However, building a strong case doesn’t just require compelling evidence, you will also need to take certain steps to mitigate additional losses in the aftermath of the accident. Fail in this responsibility and you should expect the insurer to attempt to pin at least some liability on you, potentially leaving you on the hook for some of your damages.

Let’s look at a few of the most effective ways you can help mitigate damages in the wake of a truck wreck:

1. Visit the Doctor Immediately

If you weren’t rushed to the emergency room, you should still undergo a comprehensive medical assessment as soon as possible. Collisions can spike your adrenaline which can mask the symptoms of a serious underlying condition.

Getting a prompt diagnosis will ensure that you get the treatment you need without delay. However, this step isn’t just important to your well-being, it could also be vital to the success of your claim. If you failed to seek treatment within a reasonable timeframe, the insurance adjuster might have room for disputes over failure to mitigate damages.

2. Take Your Recovery Seriously

Once you’ve received a diagnosis, it’s important to follow your doctor’s orders closely. While you might think they are being overly cautious—especially if they’ve told you to book time off work or avoid physical activity for the duration of your recovery—you should never deviate from your treatment plan.

3. Never Delegate Tasks You Can Do Yourself

Immediately after the wreck, you might not be able to do many tasks that you were able to do prior to the wreck. For example, you may struggle to cook meals, tackle household chores, or even take care of yourself. However, as your injuries heal, you will probably be able to handle more of these chores on your own.

As such, there will be many points throughout your recovery where you may have to assess the types of replacement services you actually need. If, for instance, you can cook again, you should no longer hire someone to oversee this task. While many of the expenses associated with replacement services are recoverable, you may encounter disputes if you continue to hire someone even when you are perfectly able to do these tasks on your own.

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