How Soon after a Car Wreck Should I Visit the Doctor?

If you were involved in an accident but weren’t rushed to the hospital, you may wonder whether it’s worth scheduling a doctor’s appointment. While it might seem like you survived the wreck unscathed, this doesn’t mean you should forgo a medical assessment.

Many serious conditions—such as spinal injuries and brain trauma—might not show any symptoms within the first few hours or days after the wreck. The signs of these serious injuries are also commonly confused with far less severe ailments. For instance, nausea might be chalked up to the shock and stress associated with the wreck, but it could also be one of the first warning signs of brain trauma.

In this article, we look at a few reasons you should always visit the doctor immediately after a car accident:

1. You Will Receive Prompt Treatment for Your Injuries

Many serious conditions can worsen without treatment, leading to additional health complications, pain, and other challenges. By visiting the doctor as soon as possible, you will receive medical care without delay, minimizing your chances of facing these severe side effects. A prompt diagnosis will also expedite your recovery, helping you reach maximum medical improvement sooner. As a result, you might have to take less time off work or fork over extra money for additional replacement services.

2. You Will Have Access to a Paper Trail of Evidence

When you undergo a medical assessment, your healthcare provider will usually create detailed medical records documenting the types of injuries you suffered, recommended treatments, and—in some cases—how your condition might inhibit you from tackling specific tasks. These records will likely play a crucial role throughout proceedings, giving you evidence to demonstrate the severity of your injuries and the costs associated with your treatment.

3. You Will Have Proof to Tie Your Injuries to the Wreck

Visiting the doctor as soon as possible after a wreck could leave the insurer with little room to dispute the cause of your injuries. After all, if there are just a few hours between the accident and your diagnosis, opposing parties will find it difficult to argue that you suffered your wounds in a different incident. If you only visited the doctor a few weeks later, you should expect the claims adjuster to dispute causation.

4. You Can Reduce Your Risks of Facing Disputes

A prompt diagnosis will show the insurance company that you took your recovery seriously. However, if you failed to seek treatment or your records indicate that you only scheduled an appointment days after the wreck, you could leave the door wide open to disputes.

For instance, the claims adjuster might insist that your condition can’t be as serious as you are claiming because you didn’t need urgent medical attention. Alternatively, they may assert that you failed in your responsibility to take reasonable steps to mitigate damages, potentially leaving you on the hook for a portion of your accident-related expenses.

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