4 Tips for Gathering Evidence for Your Wrongful Death Claim

Losing a loved one can feel like an earth-shattering moment. However, if their death resulted from someone else’s negligent or reckless actions, this tragic event can be particularly heart-wrenching.

While no amount of money can fill the void left behind after a relative’s death, the settlement in a wrongful death claim could give you the funds you need to survive the financial challenges that most families face in the years that follow. Unfortunately, compensation is never guaranteed, and opposing parties will likely do everything in their power to minimize their liability to reduce how much they must pay out.

In this article, we share a few tips for gathering evidence that could help you strengthen your wrongful death claim:

1. Document the Accident Scene

In a wrongful death claim, you will need to provide evidence that another party was responsible for causing the accident that led to your loved one’s passing. In most cases, the accident scene can be a treasure trove of proof, providing you with clues to what happened and—ultimately—the evidence you might need to identify the responsible individual or entity.

If, for instance, your relative was killed in an auto accident, useful evidence could include photographs of the wreckage, dashcam recordings, eyewitness statements, and official police reports. Alternatively, if your loved one was the victim of a slip and fall accident, maintenance records for the property could also be helpful to your case.

2. Compile Relevant Financial Documents

From bills for the medical care your loved one received before they died to receipts for funeral and burial expenses, many types of financial documents can help you demonstrate the damages you’ve incurred as a direct result of your relative’s death. You should track these losses carefully, as, without sufficient proof to show these losses, you could be denied compensation for some of the associated costs.

3. Obtain the Medical Records of the Deceased

Your loved one’s medical records will not only help connect their injuries to the incident in question but can also provide information on their condition and cause of death. Such documents will likely play a crucial role throughout proceedings, so getting copies of them as soon as possible is important. If you have not been able to obtain copies of your relative’s medical records, a skilled personal injury attorney may be able to do so on your behalf.

4. Think of Examples of How Their Death Has Affected Your Everyday Life

Surviving family members in Las Vegas are entitled to seek compensation for so-called non-economic damages. Simply put, you may be able to receive a settlement for the toll your relative’s death has taken on your mental and emotional well-being. However, proving such losses can be difficult as you will have to paint a clear picture of how you have suffered in the wake of their passing.

Taking time to note down the types of hardships you’ve experienced could help you build a case for non-economic damages. As you may have to provide deposition or testimony, it’s important that you mentally prepare yourself to communicate the full range of emotions you’ve experienced because of their death.

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