Building an ATV Accident Claim? Follow These 4 Social Media Tips

With millions of Americans using social media daily, there’s a good chance you’re among the countless digital converts connecting, socializing, and sharing on these platforms. While sites such as Facebook and Instagram let you keep the conversation going from anywhere in the world, these digital spaces can also open the door to some serious problems in the wake of a wreck.

If you were hurt in an ATV accident, it’s important to remember that all your actions—including those you take online—could be put under the microscope when you file your claim. Insurance companies now routinely monitor claimants’ social media activity as part of their assessments, turning any comment, photograph, or even review into potential ammunition to be used to deny your claim.

With that in mind, let’s look at a few ways you can protect your claim next time you go online:

1. Set Your Profiles to “Private”

If you haven’t had a chance to tinker with your social media account’s privacy settings, your profiles might still be set to “public”. In this configuration, just about anyone—including the insurance company—can view what you post.

Thankfully, protecting your claim is as simple as clicking through a few settings, keeping your profile safe from prying eyes. While ramping up your privacy options will net you an added layer of protection, be warned that the insurer could still view your posts via third-party connections.

2. Screen New Connection Requests

If you’re in the process of widening your social circles or building your professional networks, you might be in the habit of accepting new connection requests without a second thought. However, while your claim is pending, it’s important to screen any invitations carefully as that next notification could be from someone working for—or with—an opposing party. In most cases, it’s best to ignore any requests until proceedings have run their course.

3. Avoid Discussing the Accident

When you write a new post, it’s difficult to predict how your comments might be interpreted. As such, you should always consider the potential consequences of any actions on social media before tapping “publish”.

For instance, discussing the accident could give the insurer room to misrepresent some of your comments, potentially handing them the evidence they need to deny your claim. In addition to avoiding discussing anything related to the ATV wreck, you should also steer clear of sharing information about your injuries, pending claim, social activities, and expenses.

4. Warn Friends and Family of Your Pending Claim

If you’ve set your profiles to “private”, the insurance company might start keeping tabs on friends and family in the hopes that they will tag you in their posts. As such, it’s wise to discourage those closest to you from sharing pictures or comments attached to your name.

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