4 Tips for Building a Strong Slip and Fall Claim

From faulty handrails to wet floors, many dangerous conditions can turn properties into extremely dangerous places to visit. While businesses are expected to repair, cordon off, or signpost these hazards, some fail to take sufficient measures to keep patrons safe.


If you were left seriously injured after a slip, trip, or fall, it’s important to understand your rights. If you suspect the accident was the result of a property owner’s negligence, you may be able to pursue compensation for the damages you incurred because of the accident.

However, your claim won’t automatically yield a payout. You will first need to build a strong case to increase your chances of achieving a favorable outcome. Let’s look at a few steps you can take that might help bolster your case:

1. Preserve Evidence from the Scene

If you were able to gather any proof at the scene that might help support your case, you should compile it in a safe place. Such evidence will likely play a crucial role throughout proceedings, potentially helping you prove that the property owner was liable and making it easier to connect your injuries to the incident.

Proof that might play a crucial role during proceedings could include:

  • Surveillance camera footage;
  • Photographs of the accident scene;
  • Eyewitnesses’ names, contact details, and statements;
  • Maintenance records for the property;
  • Official accident reports; and
  • Property maintenance records.

2. Stick to Your Treatment Plan

If you’ve been instructed to take time off work or avoid physical activity for the duration of your recovery, you might think your doctor is being overly cautious. However, going against their orders could spell disaster for your case. For instance, if opposing parties discover that you deviated from the script, they might assert that your negligence exacerbated your injuries.

3. Track Your Damages

In a personal injury claim, you will only receive compensation for the damages you can prove. As such, you will have to keep tabs on any associated expenses, making sure to file away the relevant financial documents. Such evidence might include your medical bills, receipts for replacement services, invoices for home modifications, and paystubs to show lost income.

4. Stay Away from Social Media

While it might be tempting to vent your frustrations about this traumatic incident online, discussing anything related to your fall, injuries, pending claim, and expenses on social media could leave the door wide open to disputes. For instance, opposing parties might have room to misrepresent your comments or take photos you upload out of context to make it seem like your injuries aren’t as serious as you’re claiming. In most situations, it’s often best to deactivate your social media profiles for the duration of proceedings.

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Not only can we advise you of many of the steps you will need to take to build a strong case, but we can also handle the logistics of your claim so that you can focus on your health and other matters. To lock in a free case review with a Las Vegas slip and fall attorney, dial 702-629-7900 or head over to our contact page HERE.