What to Expect If You File a Personal Injury Claim

If you were hurt through no fault of your own, you may be entitled to compensation for the associated losses. In the state of Nevada, recoverable damages might include medical expenses, missed wages, the cost of replacement services, and pain and suffering. 

Of course, in order to seek compensation for these and other losses, you’re going to have to file a personal injury claim. Chances are you’ve never done so before, though, and you’re wondering what it entails. 

While every claim is different, they generally all follow the same trajectory. Let’s take a look at the basic stages you can expect to navigate over the course of the proceedings as you pursue the compensation you deserve:

1. Investigating the Accident 

Every personal injury claim starts with a comprehensive investigation. This might include interviewing eyewitnesses, consulting relevant experts, and evaluating any available footage from the scene.

If you don’t have the resources to investigate the accident on your own, don’t worry; as long as you turn to a reputable firm, your legal team should be able to handle virtually everything on your behalf. 

2. Compiling Evidence 

The investigation will hopefully yield compelling proof that allows you to assign blame and, consequently, liability. Naturally, the most valuable evidence that contributes to your claim will come down to the facts of the case. If you were hurt in a drunk driving accident, for example, it might include dash camera footage, toxicology reports, eyewitness testimony, and black box data. 

3. Tracking Damages 

After you convince the insurance adjuster of liability, you’re going to have to demonstrate how you incurred actual damages as a result of the accident. As such, it’s important to preserve any and all documentation that corresponds with the losses you wouldn’t have suffered had you not gotten hurt. This might include hospital bills, paystubs tracking missed wages, and receipts for reasonably necessary replacement services. 

It’s important to note that Nevada also recognizes non-economic damages like pain and suffering. You can likely demonstrate the extent of your non-monetary losses using journal entries, psychological evaluations, and statements from loved ones. 

4. Negotiating for a Settlement 

Once you have gathered sufficient evidence of both liability and damages, the claims adjuster should be inclined to negotiate. This is where having a strategic attorney by your side can be invaluable. 

If the opposing party is willing to meet in the middle, your claim will likely end at this stage. If, on the other hand, settling proves impossible, you may have no choice but to take the liable party to court.  

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