Gabriella Garfield

Gabriella Garfield


Gabriella Garfield serves as a Case Manager at Maier Gutierrez & Associates, bringing a wealth of legal and medical experience. Her unique background enables her to deliver honest, compassionate support to each client. Gabriella is passionate about helping people and is proud to be part of a firm that strives to transform difficult situations into positive client experiences.

With aspirations to further her career in the legal field, Gabriella plans to attend law school and become a licensed attorney in Nevada. She believes her continued work in the legal sector will ultimately give her a well-rounded foundation for a successful legal career.

Outside of her professional life, Gabriella enjoys exploring the world and immersing herself in the vibrant legal community of Las Vegas. She cherishes spending time with her beloved dog, Mariposa, and nurturing her extensive collection of houseplants. Gabriella also takes pleasure in attending music festivals, sampling the diverse culinary scene in Las Vegas, and browsing the city’s numerous malls, boutiques, and vintage markets.