Employment Agreements

MGA Law can help counsel any business or employer in drafting and negotiating employment agreements.
Poorly drafted employment agreements can lead to lengthy and expensive lawsuits that could have been prevented by simply ensuring the employment agreement was drafted properly at the outset.  Our lawyers are highly skilled at negotiating the terms of employment and executive agreements, including non-compete, arbitration and severance agreements.
At MGA Law, we regularly draft employment agreements for both employers and executives.
We can examine the terms of these agreements for you, as well as explain your rights, duties and obligations under the agreement.  We can also help you understand what claims you may have and what you are giving up if you enter into or breach an employment agreement.
We are here to help.  Let us assist you if you are concerned about the strength of your current employment agreements or if you need an attorney to draft employment agreements for your business.
Please call or email us to set up a free, confidential consultation so that we may discuss your situation.  Our attorneys have extensive knowledge concerning employment contracts and will work to protect your rights.