Discrimination Overview

Nevada is an “employment at will” state.  Employment “at will” means that the employer or employee may end the employment relationship without giving either notice or a reason, unless an employment agreement exists providing otherwise.
The employment at will doctrine has limitations on an employer’s ability to fire an employee in violation of public policy, a valid employment contract, whistleblower statutes or anti-discrimination laws. Employers are not allowed to unlawfully terminate employees who identify with certain protected classes or because of military service, or for specific types of medical leave (FMLA), filing a workers compensation claim or whistle-blowing activity.
In Nevada, state and federal laws protect employees from discrimination and harassment in the workplace.  Additionally, there are state and federal “anti-retaliation” laws to protect employees from retaliation by their employer for reporting discrimination or harassment.
Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits an employer from discriminating on the basis of race, national origin, sex, gender or religion.  Nevada has enacted state statutes that also prohibit unlawful discrimination or harassment in the workplace, such as Nevada Revised Statute 613.330.
Discrimination can include any “adverse employment action” that is taken due to an employee’s race, national origin, sex, gender or religion.  Any harassment based on an employee’s race, national origin, sex, gender or religion that creates a “hostile working environment” against an employee is illegal.
We are here to help.  If you believe you have been the victim of unlawful discrimination, please call or email us to set up a free, confidential consultation so that we may discuss your situation.  Immediate attention and reporting are crucial in any discrimination case in order to protect your rights.  Our attorneys have extensive knowledge concerning the laws prohibiting workplace discrimination, including protection against retaliation by your employer, and we will work to remedy the discriminating conduct and protect your rights.