Breach of Contract

MGA Law protects the rights of employees involved in contract disputes with their employers.  We make certain that our clients understand the details and obligations under their employment contracts and ensure their rights are protected by investigating all possible legal remedies in the event of a breached contract.
An employment contract may address issues involving:

  • Benefits
  • Change of management or acquisition of the company
  • Compensation
  • Equity interest or stock options
  • Mandatory arbitration agreements
  • Non-compete clauses
  • Non-solicitation clauses
  • Retirement
  • Severance pay and severance terms
  • Termination notices

When an employee is faced with a potential contract dispute with an employer, it can have devastating impact on one’s career.  It can also cause unwanted emotional stress and leave you with less than you are entitled to under the agreement.
We are here to help.  If you believe you have suffered from a breach in your employment contract, please call or email us to set up a free, confidential consultation so that we may discuss your situation.  Our attorneys have extensive knowledge concerning the laws regarding employment contracts and we will work to help protect your rights.