Do I Have a Strong Rideshare Accident Claim?

Rideshare services offer a convenient way to get anywhere in the city, but these modern-day “taxis” aren’t without risks. With an increasing number of Uber and Lyft vehicles on the road, accidents involving these rideshare drivers are on the rise.

If you were hurt in a wreck involving a rideshare service, you might wonder whether you have grounds to seek damages. While the strength of your claim will depend on many factors, there are a few common signs that a particular case might have what it takes to go the distance.

Let’s look at five of these signs in closer detail:

1. You Kept Records of Your Expenses

Any financial documents associated with your accident-related expenses should be filed away in a safe place, from receipts for vehicle repairs to the cost of necessary replacement services. Ultimately, you will only receive compensation for the damages you can demonstrate. If you were diligent about keeping records of your expenses from day one, this is usually a strong sign that you might have a compelling case.

2. You Booked a Doctor’s Appointment Immediately

Undergoing a comprehensive medical assessment as soon as possible after an accident is crucial for your health. While you might feel fine, there’s always a chance you suffered a serious injury that hasn’t yet manifested any symptoms.

However, visiting the doctor will do more than just ensure you get a prompt diagnosis. Typically, your healthcare providers will create detailed medical records documenting the nature of your injuries and the treatments you require. Such records will almost always play a crucial role during proceedings.

3. You Documented the Accident Scene

Taking time to photograph different aspects of the accident could help your attorney build a strong case. For instance, images of the damage to both vehicles, snapshots of road markings, and photos of the area where the accident happened could provide clues as to what happened and who might have caused the accident. Additionally, if you were able to obtain surveillance camera recordings and dashcam videos of the collision, such evidence could also help support your claim.

4. You Rejected Requests to Provide a Recorded Statement

Whether the insurer or someone from the rideshare company contacts you for a recorded statement, it’s wise to delay this interview. Anything you say on record could be used as evidence to challenge your credibility, so until you’ve had a chance to investigate the wreck and take stock of your expenses, you shouldn’t agree to requests for a recorded statement. After all, without a clear idea of what happened, you run the risk of saying something that is either inaccurate or untrue that could later be used to dispute your claim.

5. You Have Access to Eyewitnesses

If you could take down the names and contact details of anyone who saw the accident, their deposition or testimony could help bolster your case. You should share this information with your attorney as they may want to contact eyewitnesses to determine whether their statements can help corroborate your version of events.

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