Consumer Rights Attorney Las Vegas

What is consumer law? If you feel you’ve been “ripped off” or are facing debt collection, you need a consumer rights attorney. Consumer law regulates businesses to prevent them from using deceitful tactics such as fraud. It also helps even the playing field between businesses that engage in unscrupulous practices and those that do not.

Consumer law covers many practice areas, encompassing many federal and state statutes, administrative regulations, and judicial precedents. Areas of practice include bad car sales, illegal repossession, post-repossession debt collection, lemon law, credit reporting issues, debt collection defense, lien removal, predatory loans (e.g., payday/title loans), student loans, and mobile home titles.

We are here to help. MGA Law’s consumer rights practice has experience in handling all aspects of consumer law, both on an individual and class action basis. If you feel that you may have a consumer law claim or are facing debt collection, please call or email us to set up a free, confidential consultation so that we may discuss your situation. In addition to the traditional areas of consumer law, MGA also helps those eligible with sealing their criminal records.

MGA offers a variety of alternative billing arrangements, including contingency fees, hybrid billing, and flat rates. Our firm can tailor the billing arrangement to ensure you receive the most cost-effective and expedient litigation plan to resolve your dispute.

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It is important to hire a consumer rights attorney who understands these complex issues and will manage the case with integrity and discretion while still fighting to protect your legal interests. For more information about our professional services or to protect your interests, schedule a consultation with a skilled lawyer at our firm by calling 702-629-7900.

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