Business Fraud

Dishonest and deceitful misrepresentation and other types of business fraud can significantly impact the success and survival of a business. If you or your company has been victim to fraudulent practices, consult with our experienced attorneys at MGA Law. We are dedicated to providing aggressive representation regarding disputes arising from corporate or business fraud. Examples of business and corporate fraud cases include:

  • Fraudulent accounting or bookkeeping processes
  • Misrepresentation of business appraisal value
  • Fraudulent relocation of business assets
  • Use of company funds, assets and opportunities for personal use
  • Theft of trade secrets and patents
  • Misuse of retirement or other worker benefit funds
  • Falsification of any financial records

MGA Law has successfully represented clients with complicated business disputes, including business fraud cases. It is important to hire an attorney who understands the complexity of these issues and will conduct the case with integrity and discretion, while protecting your legal interests. Contact our office for additional advice regarding how to protect your interests in a business matter and schedule a consultation with an experienced attorney at our firm.