Team MGA

Team MGA

We pride ourselves on bringing our legal expertise and knowledge to our clients for the best possible outcomes in a caring and supportive environment. In fact, our team of dedicated professionals is constantly mentioned by name by our clients as the best part of the process. Want to discover their words for yourself? Check out this brief video showcasing clients’ feedback on how Team MGA is professional, helpful, and kind.

“MGA helped me win a good settlement.”

Art C. and his wife split their time between Las Vegas and Southern California. He has suffered from a back problem for several years, and while driving on the 15, they were rear-ended. “As soon as I got out of the car, I told my wife my back was bothering me,” says Art. He knew that the collision exacerbated his pain and suffered in silence for the next two years.

When his back pain became unbearable, Art knew he was going to have to have surgery. He decided to see if his case had any merit, and it “was turned down by two different attorneys, because they didn’t think there was a chance of collecting anything to offset my medical expenses.”

Art was referred to Maier Gutierrez & Associates right before the two-year statute of limitations was up. He says, “They initiated a case, which had movement very quickly.” Of his interactions, Art says, “I thought I didn’t have a chance, but it was a good experience. MGA helped me win a good settlement.”

Looking back at his experience, Art says, “MGA was pretty darn good to do what they did. I am very happy with the firm; they helped me greatly. I think it’s a great story!”